MDS Prep Online Frequently Asked Questions
NEET MDS 2021 Batch Current Week Exam : (13-Feb-2021) Dental materials I , (14-Feb-2021) NEET MDS Grand Test-8 , One year fees Rs.2500/-

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

MDS Prep Online Educate is leading premium dental preparation provider, lead by a team of expert from AIIMS, PGI with a passion for higher education.

Question: What are the payment options available?

Ans: You can payfee online using debit card or net banking. for help call 9871392965
you can deposit cash fee in nearest bank.

Question: After payment in how many hour can I start the exams?

Ans: We will activate your account in 3-4 hour same day.

Question: Can I see all the exams I have missed till starting of batch.

Ans: Yes we will activate all you previous missed exam after joining.

Question: Can I attempt both the exam on Sunday.

Ans: Yes you can give both the exam on Sunday. Till next week Friday you can attempt the exam.

Question: how many year it is working

Ans: 6 years

Question: Do you provide hardcopy of material.

Ans: you can take printout of question papers from home printer.

Question: How will you detect payment in done by me.

Ans: In case of cash deposit write down your mobile number on deposit slip.
In online payment you will receive payment successful SMS immediately.

How can I use the Quick revision notes in exams?

Please download previous question papers and revise them at the exam time.

How can I ask problems from the faculty?

You can email your problems to faculty at you will receive reply in same day.

How good is to do MDS ?

Once you become MDS all below opportunity will open for you.
- you can apply any govt hospital for Sr. ship salary up to 60,000/- per month
- you can apply for govt jobs
- In private college as a lecturer ship
- currently only 320 dental college in India as no of dental college will increase they will hire MDS as professor
- BDS intern have lots of time to prepare for MDS entrance to secure own one seat in not that much difficult.

Questions: How is MDS Prep Online exam pattern

Ans: while creating AIPG revision exam we take best and tricky questions from all the subjects. Every week we take subjective wise exam provide enough time to concentrate only on one particular subject and attempt test.

Question: Where is your coaching institute

Ans : Students from all over India attempt exam here. We have branch in all major cities of India .

Question: Do you provide class room coaching.

Ans: Every one join online exam series we have near about 3000 students.
In class room coaching candidate give test in a room at a particular time. Class room exam series are costly.
In online you will never miss the exam. you will receive detailed explanation of answers.
In a single minute you can see all your incorrect questions and un attempted questions and tough marked question of all the exams that is not possible in class room exam series.